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A project about the changing aesthetics of the cannabis industry

As cannabis becomes increasingly legal in North America, cannapreneurs - emerging leaders of the cannabis industry - are employing sophisticated design strategies to position their brands. Rebranding Pot is a series that features the companies and entrepreneurs responsible for the most exciting designs connected to the green revolution.

Rebranding Pot will offer an overview of the changing visual landscape of the cannabis industry. Through case studies it explores how companies are branding themselves in order to attract new consumers.

Some of the trends explored:

  • How are cannabis companies defining new target audiences?
  • What celebrities are also cannapreneurs?
  • How are cannapreneurs replicating the strategies of the luxury industry when positioning their cannabis products?
  • What are the cutting edge examples of branding (logos, packaging, photography, etc.) that are popping up?
  • What are some surprising forms of edibles now available (e.g. infused BBQ sauce, mezcal, vodka, wine, and coffee).
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Top 18 Companies Giving Cannabis a Makeover

In this first installment of the Rebranding Pot series, I list the top cannapreneurs adopting sophisticated, innovative and unexpected designs when branding their products. Their companies display remarkable ingenuity, sophistication and design sensibility.

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Smoking out SXSW: Welcome to the Future of Cannabis

My main take aways from the “Welcome to the Future of Cannabis” discussion at SXSW 2018.

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Celebrity Cannapreneurs: 16 Celebrities Cashing in on the Green Revolution

A surprising number of celebrities have not only “stepped out of the cannabis closet”, but have launched their own cannabis-related products. These celebrities have attached their personal brands to these products, distinguishing them from competitors and adding to their perceived value. This public promotion of cannabis products by celebrities is reflective of (and influences) a few massive shifts in our culture:
1) Being pro-cannabis can positively impact one’s persona
2) The cannabis product landscape is increasingly diversified

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A confession/mea-culpa: Over the past three years, I have researched the evolution of cannabis branding without ever setting foot in an actual dispensary. Shameful. The reason? I live in New York, one of the “prohibition states” where medical marijuana is legal but recreational use is not. In a recent trip to California, I rectified this disgrace in style. Want to know what I bought?

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Sex, Giggles & Pain: My first shopping spree at a cannabis dispensary


Adriana Kertzer


Adriana is a New York-based Brazilian-Texan design entrepreneur, lawyer and author. She is fascinated by the grey area between design, business, sociology, politics, and culture.

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Adriana received her B.A. from Brown University, a J.D. from Georgetown University, and a M.A. from Parsons School of Design. Her first book, Favelization: The Imaginary Brazil in Contemporary Film, Fashion and Design, explored the use of references to Brazilian slums to brand luxury items as “Brazilian” and was originally published by the Cooper Hewitt, National Design Museum (Smithsonian Institution). Adriana was proud to serve the Obama administration as the Senior Advisor to the Senior Deputy Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. 



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